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A well being deepened by the team at Rhude Well Drilling.
Rhude Well Drilling

Well Deepening

Well deepening may be the right solution when your well water supply is inconsistent, your well is not providing adequate water volume, or your well has run dry. Another great option may be hydrofracking. We'll help you determine the best option.

Well deepening is the process of re-entering an existing well and drilling to deepen your reservoir. A water well can hold a gallon and a half of water per linear foot, so deepening a well creates more storage space for your water. Deepening your well may also lead to an increased flow rate and a higher overall consistency in your water supply. As a bonus, deepening a well can usually be done at a fraction of the cost of drilling a new well.

At Rhude Well Drilling, we bring advanced equipment and years of experience and expertise to your project. We will help you determine the best option to get your water permanently and consistently flowing again! If you're in Sudbury, Lively, Chelmsford, Val Caron, Hanmer, Garson, Espanola or the greater area and considering deepening your water well, give us a call.

A well being deepened with Rhude Well Drilling rigs.

How we will deepen your well

Before the deepening process begins, we may need to extend your well casing over the ground, making it easier to reach the surface. We will also remove any wires and piping. Next, we will place our drilling rig over your well, and the cleaning process will begin. We insert drill steel pipes (20' long, 1/4" thick) threaded together until we reach the bottom of your well. From there, drilling proceeds with us picking up where a previous driller left off in pursuit of more fresh, clean water.

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A well technician deepening a well for better water flow using well drilling machine.

When is it appropriate for me to deepen my well?

You have a shallow well.
You have a low flow rate. When the flow of water from your well is slow, then you might need to deepen it, for the sake of reaching another aquifer with a higher yield.
When your well runs dry. Water never dries up under the ground. Therefore, it will only dry up in a well if your well was not deep enough to support the amount of usage. Underground water usually comes in layers, so if your well dries up, you’ll need to have your well deepened, fracked or get a new well drilled.

What are the benefits of deepening my well?

Deepening provides a drought-resistant water supply because more storage space equals more water in your well. In some cases deepening your well may be less expensive than drilling a new well. Water well deepening may also create additional water yield. However, it's possible hydrofracturing may be an even better option. Don't worry, just give us a call and we'll come out and assess your needs. We'll recommend the best option for you.

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